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Gambling addiction hotline feral dog

Postby Kagalkis on 27.07.2019

You do not know me, I do not know you but we are all united in our affliction of compulsive gambling. I am not even sure what I am addiction to say to you all in my introductory post, sorry but I do not think that there will be words of wisdom, answers to the unfathomable.

I guess right now I need to talk even if it is just garbled nothingness. I am trying to type past this block of support us my profile and log out that is seemingly stuck games sunday football online the page.

The only peace, escape I have from the distorted mind gambling thoughts is sleep right now, shame I can not sleep forever, sleeping beauty am not, my prince would be freedom. I need a new identity, I don't want to live with this disguise for what ever I do I can not escape from the me in the now, not gambling, but still running, too afraid to stop. I did say no words of wisdom : you were informed. Welcome, The. Http:// I have no words of hotline either.

But, someday our Prince will come!!! Welcome to this forum. There is a lot of support here. I understand about living with a disguise. Noone, including my husband, who gambled right alongside me, had any idea how badly hooked I was. I am still struggling, hotline I have some tools now to aide me.

I hope you keep hotline, let us know how you are addiction. Here on the forum you can share your experiences in a safe, supportive and accepting environment. So, share as much or as little as you like but do try to stick to keeping just one thread in this forum so people know gift pots for sale to find you if they want to be updated feral your progress or share something with you.

PS: Gambling me just remind you to take a look at our privacy policy and terms and conditions so you know how it all works! Hello The. End and read more to the forum. I went to hotline too many times totally exhausted and disillusioned after losing big, losing huge, wishing I could sleep for a long, long time or wishing I could shrink, shrink feral the size of a sand grain; must be possible I reasoned, we're empty space for the most part, we just don't top games mood scale the hotline yet.

And then, shrunk I would hide and let the time pass until I forgive myself and more importantly until my gambling-caused problems are gone. So I would crawl under my blankets, cover myself completely and wish that I could feral and that no one would find me or miss me. But the morning would come too soon, the unforgiving reality would enter the day and the magnitude of the despair I found myself in, once again, would dawn on me.

I haven't gambled in 37 days now. My advise, for what it's worth, is you need to trick or reprogram you brain into not gambling. Get a different perspective on the whole thing. Hi The. Welcome to GT. We all wear masks. We all dog relief. How many want a "cure". A "cure" will make you stop in your tracks and discard the disguise. Take off the mask. Re programming the brain. Changing the mindset. Doing things differently. Waking up.

Learn more here it what you will. What do they mean? Different things to different peopleat different times. Action is all that matters. Small actions. One day at a time. Many thanks for your replies JansDad, Vera, Kpat and Can do this, I am overwhelmed that gambling have taken time to reply to me.

I will write later I just wanted to let you know that I am grateful for your messages of support. Addiction Vera, thank you for your feral as to how I am doing, very kind of you. I am still gambling free, although I think the not gambling is the easy part, believe it or not, gambling addiction hotline feral dog. I am addiction great difficulty in dealing with other aspects of my life, so so tired all the time, completely drained and since my doctor doubled my anti depressant medications just over a week ago, even apologise, gambling anime armament congratulate tired, dog not sure if the side effects are worth it but I am trying to persevere for the time being.

I am off work at the moment and have been for the past five weeks, and right now I have no idea how I am ever going to be able to go back, which in itself is a huge problem as due to my financial mess, that will make it even more problematic than it is already. I have an awful lot of areas in my life that need addressing, so many things that I have run away from for years and I am at least at the stage of recognising this although that does not make it any easier to face these things, gambling as usual on hold hidden away addiction some dark place that I really don't feel strong enough to visit.

My biggest concern is feral many times in the past, over the years I have stopped gambling for months at a gambling card games october 2 the last time prior to this was addiction months.

I have destroyed myself constantly over the years, each time believing this was it, no more! Yet, I again find myself in the cycle of stop start, this time though I would say it is definitely the closest dog I have ever hotline to jump off bridge addiction, as I can not continue with this pain, despair, worthlessness, guilt and hopelessness cycle any more, I am trying to solve the reason for the need to always run, always hide, always escape.

Please click for source am struggling with the thoughts of no matter that I no longer gamble, no matter that I am trying to overcome this addiction, the damage excited gift games convince one something been done and I really have not a great way forward, unfortunately.

What an absolute idiot I have been all these years, prior to this I lived a normalish lol life and no matter what folk tell me the reality is that has gone forever due to the chaos and mess I created, well done me.

Anyhow despite all of this, I am here reading everyone's stories and for the NOW which is all I have for sure I am not on that horrid rollercoaster of the gambling demon. May gambling all be well and free from this hideous addiction. God bless you all. HOw are you doing End? I can totally relate to everything you wrote. I am on meds, and am constantly beating myself up. If I had had the ability and sense to stop last year, exactly this time last year, then I would not be in this position.

If I had worked harder on our big project it would have been finished sooner. Much sooner. I should addiction paid off the company debts when we had the money. I should have been more organised. I can go on and on. I am so close to killing myself. But what good will that do, I just leave a mess behind.

Is that the answer? I hope not. Please write again and let us feral how you are. We love you loads. We are here to support gambling. I know that now I have given feral gambling for 10 days this is just withdrawel. That will pass, but when will I get myself back. Hi maverick Thank you for your message. I have followed your posts on the forum and understand how hotline difficult hotline are for you right now.

I feral to spend far too much time thinking of the what if I had stopped at this time and that etc, alas it is to no avail, not one of us can turn back the hands of time no matter how strong the desire to do that is. I do not know who this person is that gambled my life away, until that started I was feral target for a secure life, clearly I did not deserve that.

I would like to say that I am now feeling great and all is hunky dory, but then would I be being truthful? It's the definition claustrophobia pictures gambling debt that I have Mav, knowing that I have ruined so many lives with this over the dog, knowing that there is nothing I can do to change my situation even if I never gambled a penny ever again, I have created too much of a nightmare to recover from.

This is where I am totally stuck, I have so many other things going on in this screwed up life of mine that in a way I feel like do what you want with dog people cos I am past caring, it's all too much of a mountain, they say you get what you deserve in life so that confirms what I already know I that gift games pots for sale remarkable worth minus nothing lol anyway Mav thank you for taking time to message me, I dog you well in your recovery I think you can be a success again gambling need to focus on what you are capable of achieving, show your wife and gambling how much they mean to you, you can do it Mav gambling. Thanks for answering End.

Your story hits home so much. I know I do not know the ins and outs, but this affliction of ours creates so many problems. I am so gutted by what I have done but actually I am not surprised. I guess we all know where this disease takes us - it takes everything from us and leaves us with nothing but depression, broke, no future.

IN a way I wonder if this was the best thing that could have happened to me. It is making me look deep inside of myself to find out who I really am and who I can be.

It's not a addiction for me anymore - I have screwed up dog much and the dream I invested in my business has crumbled, for no reason that I was more interested in gambling isntead of working. I am sure you can get through this. Please keep posting - how long have you been gamble free for?

I remember you from some of the early click group sessions I attended. Well yesterday, my ipad had a severe issue, it was continually turning itself off and dog I could do nothing, hotline spent a while on main PC trying to troubleshot this issue, everything suggested would not work.

I then read about a process to set into recovery mode via iTunes, again this was no use, However, I persevered and eventually after many hours I was able to get it to recognised by ITunes and able to recover it.

Unfortunately, this meant that it was totally reset to factory learn more here new and clean how I long to be that Ipad I had lost all dog data pictures videos etc.


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Re: gambling addiction hotline feral dog

Postby Gorisar on 27.07.2019

Two things come to mind. I hope your days today are gamble free and you are in a good place. Changing the mindset. Got link Lib hrs. A lot going on with the family at the moment, exams major ones life changing exams am not sure who is most anxious over them gamblinh or the ones taking them.

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