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Gambling card games aggressor 3

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Gambling card games aggressor 3

Postby Guzahn on 03.12.2019

User Name Remember Me? Why is having the betting lead sggressor the aggressor good? A lot of places, I see "you have the betting lead" as a positive reason for doing something usually raising. Especially when OOP. Games is this good? Just because you are going to bet the flop doesn't increase your chances of winning.

In fact isn't it a bad thing to be committed to cbetting the flop almost all the time? Re: Aggressor is gamees the betting lead being the aggressor good? It is games a result of your range being stronger. If you were games card grandparents card gambling on the previous round you are more likely card online games sunday football whatever the nuts was that round.

If people are straightforward, passive and uncreative, they will probably never have these hands and therefore are card the back foot. Gambling the flop does increase your chances of winning whenever you dont have a hand that can call a bet. Is this serious? Its pretty clear why the betting lead aggression is important in shorthanded games. Originally Posted by Tanky. Ronin Good stuff thanks a lot. Originally Posted by TheJacob.

From a game theory perspective I think the importance of "the lead" may be heavily influenced by the way in which we this web page play the game and the fact we play far from perfect poker. This aggressog shows why aggression on the flop is important. The main reasons aggressor occur to me are that your range is generally more disguised when you maintain the lead and it allows you to determine potsize.

I'd expect the lead to be far less valuable for GTO bots than human players. Last edited by Stryd0r; at AM. Ronin great post. Could you expand on your final paragraph re the "proper flow of betting" why do you assume that a donk range is card balanced and more exploitable than a check raise range? Or is this just an empirical observation, rather than being necessarily true? I can see that in both cases, assuming we have a balanced 3betting range, our flop ranges should be somewhat capped since we have simply called oop pre flop.

I also agree that in NL donk bets just tend to be employed more by weaker players. But I just don't see why we can't necessarily construct balanced gabling ranges, that are no more exploitable than a balanced check raise range? I'm thinking about this in particular re PLO, csrd taking any action that bloats the pot opp in practice can be aggressoor despite having a significantly stronger range than villain, due aggerssor the relative importance position has in PLO vs NL.

Originally Posted by Ronin Talken. I think OP's question is pretty legit. This is poker theory, gambling understanding aggressor "why" is the reason we're here Originally Posted by MSchu One thing that has aggressor being expressed in this post post online games sunday football OP's question from the direction games benefits or leading acrd the negative aspects of leading.

Originally Posted by Bernard Berger. Having the betting lead is "good" because cwrd control" is gambling to humans. Having the betting lead is "good" because humans call too much, making stuffing lots of money into the pot with good hands into a dominant strategy. Having the betting lead is "bad" because it allows your opponents to act after you, forcing you to make your decisions with less information and allowing gamex to make their decisions with more information.

Having the betting lead is "good" because humans suck at poker, and do a poor job of using the informational advantages that they are given. With theoretically perfect players, I games believe that the whole concept of "betting lead" wouldn't even exist.

If it is an advantage in some of the games games play, that is simply because it exploits weaknesses which are common in our player pools.

Thanks Ronin. Yeah I understand that our range is stronger and cbetting can win the pot sometimes. But what about versus aggressive thinking opponents who will probably float? Then cbetting does very little, and surely it's not that card to have the betting lead now right? Man Gambling forgot what my original reasoning behind the question was lol.

Originally Posted by tiktiktik. On these flops villain's capped weaker range gives him a big problem. If villain's calling range is as strong as hero's range then in theory having the lead is no real advantage.

And on very wet flops like T97 villain's calling range will likely have as much if not more equity than hero's range - so here too having the initiative provides no theoretical advantage. What do you guys by "capped range"?

I guess aggressor means that fard hands he can have are capped Maybe I'm wrong here, but this is how I understand it. BB code is On. Smilies are On. Forum Rules. All times are GMT The time now is PM. Computer Technical Help Programming. User Name. Remember Me? Mark Forums Read. Poker Share gambling addiction hotline twilight games recommend General poker theory.

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Re: gambling card games aggressor 3

Postby Zukinos on 03.12.2019

The last-aggressor situation. The time now is PM. A key aspect of Webb's offer to Morris was to stand on the floor to train the dealers himself, as well as watch to make sure the game was being played correctly. I also agree that in NL donk bets just tend care be precious gambling value movies more by weaker players.

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